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In 2011 Corvis Distributing hired Rick Krupa to help fill a void of coffee technician in the Northern Arizona market. Rick is a skilled tradesman and trained espresso technician with a variety of companies including Nuova Simonelli, Schaerer and WMF. He also is certified with Cuno/3M to install and monitor water filtration- a key element in maintaining proper working equipment especially with Northern Arizona's hard water.

Proper care and maintenance can significantly eliminate costly down time, increase performance, and extend the life of your equipment. A healthy machine will consistently produce great tasting coffee! This is reliability your customers can taste and count on.

We service most makes and models of Espresso Machines, Coffee Brewers, Grinders and Water Filtration Systems!


Please call us to schedule repairs or to start one of our preventative maintenance plans at 928.778.2699

Scale removed from coffee brewer
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