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Rich Gregory of Prescott Coffee Roasters makes it his mission to provide fresh roasted beans from the best coffees available. He roasts multiple days every week to ensure that no beans Corvis distributes are more than 6 days old.


In addition to conventional blends and single origin options, he also offers certified organic options. The Fair Trade Organic (FTO) coffees are certified organic through ASCO (by USDA) and certified Fair Trade by Fair Trade USA (see for more info). This means there is an emphasis on sustainable, safe, modern methods from plant to bag without any chemicals. For farmers and workers in developing countries, Fair Trade offers better prices and improved terms of trade. For consumers, Fair Trade means that the product is produced or manufactured with strict environmental standards such as banning GMOs, protecting water resources, and restricting the use of pesticides and fertilizers.

Rich has been in the coffee business since 2006, first owning his own cafe on historic Gurley Street in downtown Prescott, then deciding to focus solely on roasting in 2012. He respects the beans with the appropriate roast to bring out the best flavor and help create a great cup of coffee or shot of espresso.

Rich also offers free training to owners, staff and individuals with espresso, coffee brewing and alternative brewing techniques such as french press, cold brew or pour overs. With his expertise you can be sure that your staff are producing coffee with quality and consistency. Customers are sure to have a great coffee experience and come back for more.

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